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The Late Late Show with James Corden

​James Corden Hilariously fills in for James O'Halloran

Corden appeared on Monday’s episode of the beloved game show to help kick off “Big Money Week,” filling in for “TPIR” model James O’Halloran, who is the second-ever male model in the long-running game show’s history. The British late-night host also compiled a highlight reel of his time on the “Price Is Right” set, which he turned into his latest recurring “Take a Break” segment on “The Late Late Show.”

After O’Halloran walked him through a few of his basic prize-modeling routines, Corden hit the “Price Is Right” stage. It was a memorable appearance, to be sure, but upon O’Halloran’s return to the studio, “TPIR” host Drew Carey assured him that Corden won’t be stealing his job anytime soon.

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