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The Glass Menagerie: Tennessee Williams

James joins a 'Seamless ensemble cast' as 'Jim O'Conner' (the gentleman caller).

"A seamless ensemble cast" – The Hollywood Times

"James O’Halloran’s star shines brightly as Jim O’Conner" – The Examiner

"flawless performance" - The Examiner

"One would not expect that he is from Australia.

His American accent is perfect." – Joe Straw

"James Manages himself on stage effortlessly."

– Joe Straw

"Exquisite performance that should not be missed"

- Joe Straw

L.A Top 10 List – Stage Raw

"Wonderful and Brilliant" – All about the stage

"Very Poignant and moving" – Discover Hollywood

"...absolutely FIVE STAR in every respect" – The examiner

"Few dry eyes were left in the theater." - The Hollywood Times

Read more: The Examiner | Joe Straw


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