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Crazy Love (Double Date, One-Act Play)

Crazy love Double Date.jpg

"Notable standout “Double Date” promises many uncomfortable moments and awkward honesty with James O’Halloran and Betina Mustain as two polyamorous lovers looking to spice up the life of a prudish married couple. Directed by Alejandro Romero, this third piece in the series is worth the price of the ticket alone."

- The Tolucan Times

"What a thrill to see you on stage last night! You were poetry in motion and did a fannnnnntastic job!! I loved your calmness and evident preparation you brought to the stage. Really owned it and just flowed across the stage. A perrrrfect role for you. You have a bright bright future in the American acting arena - no worries!"

- Pamela Staton, Casting Director

Review: Tolucan times

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